Our practice is geared towards:

  • Developing excellent working relationship with our clients.
  • Timely service delivery and quick turnaround work.
  • Alignment with our clients’ business needs.
  • Offering professional services in accordance with the finest ethics of the Bar.

Practice Areas

Banking & Finance

We handle documentation and perfection of bank securities and also represented financial institutions and investment funds in complex transactions and disputes – various financial documents, bonds, mortgages, guarantees, bills of sale are our forte.

We also advice banks and other financial institutions on potential pitfalls to avoid in structuring their products thus mitigating adverse future exposures.

Energy Law

Oil and Gas provide the lifeblood of the Nigerian economy. The experience of members of the firm in energy law sector spans the gamut of the oil industry operations both upstream and downstream. Members of the Firm has a very good understanding of the regulatory framework and operations of the oil and gas industry.

Services we render are multifaceted and include the provision of advice on transactional issues surrounding exploration and production of oil and gas as well as their supply utilization. We are particularly skilled in assisting with the formation of domestic and international joint venture corporations and disputes arising out of similar alliances.

General Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Disputes are an inevitable part of doing business, but they are usually disturbing, distracting, unproductive, expensive and an awful drain of time and energy. Particularly for businesses, disputes may stunt growth, prohibit expansion, and delay success. So how, you may ask, can we make this experience anything but awful? Well, we start by recognizing that the focus of dispute resolution should be on the resolution, not the dispute. At Crème Solicitors, our primary aim, when instructed in any legal dispute, is to produce results favorable for our clients without resorting to trial or even legal proceedings.

One way in avoiding the costs and expense of a full trial is for the parties to agree to have the dispute settled by mediation or arbitration. At Crème Solicitors, we have technical and practical experience that has enabled us to develop a considerable arbitration practice that covers the full spectrum of services such as advice from the initial stages of contract formation on arbitration rules, drafting arbitration agreements, representation of clients, conducting the proceedings and enforcing or resisting the arbitral awards in subsequent court proceedings.

Maritime Law

Crème Solicitors advises both international and local clients on multi-faceted transactions relating to charter parties, bills of lading, corporate structures for ship ownership and joint ventures, drilling and service contracts, management agreements, flag and operational registrations, employment, port & logistics, ship finance and leases, ship sale and purchase, ship mortgage registrations, ship recycling, crude oil and commodities trading, trade finance, international sales, documentary credit, marine insurance, marine casualties, pollution, piracy, ship arrest and release, Nigerian Cabotage trade and the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act 2010.

Real Property

Our real estate practice covers a wide variety of clients’ transactions and interest. We bring knowledge and depth to transaction due diligence, financing projects and negotiating agreements.
Members of the firm is fully versed in statutory real estate transactions including dispositions, acquisitions, leases, investments, development, redevelopment and refinancing.

We have vast experience and are comfortable with drafting documentation necessary for any and all property matter. We also investigate and deduce title; prepare conveyance documentation, obtain Certificate of Occupancy and Governor’s Consents to transactions in land-assets and general perfection of title to property throughout Nigeria.
We also structure Joint Venture Developments (JVD’s) between land-asset owners and property developers/investors.

Telecommunication Law

We are reputed for providing core telecommunications assignments including but not limited to advisory services in licensing arrangements and documentations, telecoms equipment acquisitions and leases, collocation models and agreements, corporate restructurings including mergers and acquisitions of telecom businesses, amongst other services.

Commercial and Corporate Practice

The firm’s commercial and corporate advisory services underpin its entire practice. Commercial law is mostly about deals and we advise on IPOs, LBOs, takeovers, mergers/acquisitions, trade sales, joint ventures, due diligence and all the more exotic terms investment bankers come up with to bamboozle the market. Our corporate scope also covers Business, Company Law and Commercial Law that affects small businesses and we are available to advise small enterprises on a broad range of business, corporate and commercial matters including company formation, mergers and acquisitions, franchising, assets, project and corporate finance; shareholders agreements and shareholder disputes; negotiating transactions, structuring partnerships and joint ventures.

We also advice and effect compliance with mandatory statutory returns to the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and act as company secretaries to various clients; in this capacity, we ensure our clients’ compliance with laws and regulations.